Viper Serpent Spoon 6 Pack

$20.94 $19.97


Buy 6 Viper Sperpent Spoons & Save!!! 

This 6 Pack includes: 1 Pink Tiger, 1 Caribbean Sunset, 1 Mai-Tai, 1 Hyper Glow Watermelon, 1 UV Green Flash and 1 UV Pink Flash Viper Serpent Spoons. 

Our Viper Serpent Spoons measure 2 3/8″and are a light weight premium flutter spoon. This thin line trout and kokanee spoon has an incredible action due in part to its deep cup stream line design.

This pack has a little of everthing from Hyper Glow Paint to the cutting edge UV Paint and of some of the hottest and brightest colors available on the market today!